daily painting titled Back canal, Dorsoduro

Back canal, Dorsoduro

12cm x 18cm (4½"x7"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 5 November, 2010
Posted in Paintings of Venice


Now that's more like it Julian. The looseness works now, and perhaps didn't quite before. Lovely.
Lovely abstraction going on here from the piece of sky to its almost twin reflection. So far, it's my favorite of the Venice "postcards," and I think a view of Venice seldom found by the conventional tourist.
This is gorgeous. I was in Venice last fall and was constantly lost, and wonderfully so, down the narrow streets, and the choice of format here really adds to the feeling of being hemmed in by the buildings above the water. For me too this is by far my fave Venice PC up to now!
Dreamy a bit like being nicely drunk on a little red wine, quite seductive even..
oh, you are soooo good! but I don't think you need any of this crowd to tell you that... :-)
Exquisite, I love the covered boat in the foreground!
The weather is giving you an opportunity to use different kinds of light: on the water, sky, autumn [cooler], influenced by water, [rain, canals], coloured light of certain buildings reflected in the water. I love the warm (reds, golds, pink) juxtaposed with the cool (pale grey-blue sky and grey canal water) in this painting. One enriches the other. Finally, out pops that blue in the colour of the oar; we've seen a version of it before in the gondolas. Venice has turned on your creative juices, Julian, and you've given us a new and very personal impression of that sensual city. I hope certain paintings will become prints.
OH NOOOO, This is FAB and I completely missed out on the bidding...any of these Venetian scenes going to be prints? XX Mhairi