daily painting titled Beaufort and a glass of wine

Beaufort and a glass of wine

16cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 1 December, 2015
Posted in Still life paintings


You can't get much better than that!!!
Excellent job...that bread even looks better then Vermeer's. Someday I will take a class in your glorious countryside!
Outstanding. I want to reach in and partake of this classic offering. Bravo.
Wonderful painting
Exquisit work Sir,
Hello Julian, I don't often comment but I couldn't help myself when you mentioned Louis. And of course your painting is brilliant! Miss you all and think of you often. Happy Holidays.
The cheese and wine are tantalizing but it's the bread...... How did you ever make it look so crunchy? Wonderful! And thank you.
Beautiful. A perfect balance of actual detail and suggestion of detail for a realistic yet painterly work. The background hits just the right note in color and tone, lost and found edges. Lovely.
Absolute perfection!!!! I can't say much more than that. Well done!!
"How does he do that?" I said to myself because I could feel that crust between my fingers and the wine.....could taste it! Wonderful painting. Thank you
A masterpiece! You can't get ANY better than that.
Dear Julian, a spellbinding painting! I am lost in a reverie of classical beauty! Masterful palette, the dreamy reflections on the glass of wine, the crusty bread with its typical dusting of flour, the perfection of the foreshortened cheese. It doesn't stop there, the soft mole brown background, has an illusory depth that contributes much to the whole. And as usual, looking effortless. Genius!!
What time is dinner? Bon appetit!