daily painting titled Three Cox's Orange Pippins

Three Cox's Orange Pippins

24cm x 13cm (9¼"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 2 April, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Agate matter of the suface. Riveting colours: mesmerizing central red and spring greens all around. Very delicate apples'highlights setting on the same horizontal line guiding and catching the eye. And besides, nostalgic time: these apples suddenly remind me of my youth (the good old days ), when I was playing marbles ( multicoloured and crystalline )with my schoolfriends in the schoolyard . Thanks to you,Julian, I'm feeling younger tonight.
I've always loved the word "pippins," and these little beauties are the essence (no, the EXISTENCE) of what they should be, given their names. They are adorable! They actually cheer me up! Merci! And needless to say, I particularly admire the reflections on them! They reveal the outside world.
i love your paintings..............
What strikes me about the painting, besides the colour and the light is the focus on the way in which each apple is different even though all are Pippins. The perfect three remind the viewer of the complexity of nature and the talent of the painter. It is his eye that allows us to 'see.'
I like the little fawn colour flashes on the tops of the apples. They look so tasty from the tree. I like Alain's comments about the marbles, a very nice way of seeing.