daily painting titled Green Apples on a Blue Ground

Green Apples on a Blue Ground

15cm x 10cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 25 February, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Fabulous blue.

Thanks for having some paintings available "the old fashioned way," that is, at a flat cost, not on auction. This one, by the way, is terrific!

This painting is sooooo beautiful....
When you say it's going on sale Monday midday, do you mean noon...in France????
I have off tomorrow and I'm going to plant myself in front of my computer to try to get this one...

Nice apples!
Well done Julian, the site's looking great and working well. Happy birthday to it - and you....

Congratulations, Julian, on your second anniversary. Your paintings are beautiful. We look forward to seeing them each day. All the Best,
Tommy Thompson

I would like to buy this one!

Thanks for keeping the old format and new priority for first-time collectors. I love seeing your paintings and really want to have one - one of these days. EC

gorgeous! I'm thrilled and delighted to see your new paintings. I've been suffering withdrawals while waiting for you to finish the new web site. Thank God it's done!

F�licitations, cher confr�re!
Congratulations dear colleague!
My area is Aviation & Marine Art.
Mon domaine est l'Aviation et la Marine.
Thanks a lot, Internet!
Kind regards.

Such a nice idea to make first time buyers a priority.