daily painting titled Morning on the Lagoon

Morning on the Lagoon

20cm x 16cm (8"x6¼"), oil on masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 3 December, 2008
Posted in Marine paintings


This took my breath away! Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for this beautiful series from Venice. I've never been, have always wanted to go, and these paintings have been a vacation for my soul.

The water is on fire with the beauty of the sunrise! What a beautiful painting, a window through your eyes. Thank you!

The colors really work to make me remember peaceful cool mornings on the water. I can guess how long you have been painting to be able to catch this. Are you there during the flooding now?

beautiful movement on the water.

I have never noticed yellow in water before, now I will try and do the same. It is a very beautiful painting.

What a great sight to wake up to!A beautiful
morning deserves a wonderful painting. Thanks for taking us along on your Venice