daily painting titled Jonquils in a Jam Jar

Jonquils in a Jam Jar

13cm x 16cm (5"x6¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 6 March, 2009
Posted in Flower paintings


can i just say that the facility with which you compose these lovely paintings is astonishing! it is always amazing to miss a week of your work, only to discover a week of treasures upon returning! bravo maestro and oh happy spring!
I love it, I love it, I love it!!!! Thanks, Julian. My back has just "gone out of whack" again, and you have cheered me up! Oh, how I love this painting. Merci!
Hi Julian The paintings with the vivid blue in the background are stunning. I refer to the one with the lemon and this one. Thank you for these stunning images.
Hi Julien - I thought the Mimosa in Cornishware was the peak of perfection but this is even more magical - Spring is almost here
Hello Julian, I just wanted to wish you a bleated happy birthday and to welcome to the over 50 club. The eyes do start to get tired... although it keeps one from getting to close to the canvas. Work is look great as well.
my favorites....flowers in a jar!and jonquils are special since they sing of spring..as do yellow tulips which i just received for my birthday. thank you for your paintings julian. g.
Your facility with light astonishes me every day. Thank you for painting.
Oh, I love the alliteration almost as much as the painting. WHat's for tomorrow - "Daffodil with dental drill"? "Crocus in a cracker crock"?
hello bartow, glad you enjoyed the alliteration. i have to take a little blame there as i love the words jam jar and well, the jonquils were just crying out...and besides a jam jar is so deliciously short which makes sense of the short stems underneath the small flowers....
Julian, thank you for making my day(s) with your lovely, elegant, handsome still lifes...simply beautiful...enviable as I continue to enjoy painting these little gems myself -- the latest a wildly sprouting Spanish onion and a SIMPLY GRAND GREEN APPLE.