daily painting titled Clementine and black bowl

Clementine and black bowl

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 8 November, 2020
Posted in Still life paintings


There was much celebration, here, too, with the election news!
I love your art! Just wanted to say we were also celebrating over here. It has been a frustrating, trying, and embarrassing four years and I honestly cried tears of joy yesterday. I hope that our country can show that we want to become part of the world community again. Best to you and your family!
Ah...I remember our last personal conversation about the 2020 presidential race. Of course, I was very optimistic that our nation would elect Biden out of sheer hatred for Trump. You not so much. As I watched the returns on Tuesday night, it was depressing to see the map turning red. Stiff glass of Scotch helped me sleep. Wednesday morning brought a glimmer of hope for Nevada and Arizona. I've learned that I can't focus on painting while totally distracted by politics. So I played lots of golf until the word finally came on Saturday afternoon. I actually met Biden in Washington when I was a young staffer in the Senate. He is a completely likable guy and I expect he will be a very good President, despite opposition from Republicans. Best to you my friend. Bob
Sunshine in a clementine and extreme happiness in an election result! Your raspberry/blueberry almond cake sounds delish.
Heartwarming to hear that people in other countries are as happy and relieved as so many of us in the US. I hope and pray that people will be able to come together now. But I’m afraid that’s going to take a long time. The damage has been deep and there’s much needless animosity to be overcome.
Well done !
Big celebrations here in Ireland! Now I'm trying to work out if I have Biden relatives...