daily painting titled Vineyard at Beaumes de Venise

Vineyard at Beaumes de Venise

16cm x 15cm (7"x6"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 12 June, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Really like this one, great design with the light track taking the eye to the light on the building surrounded by the dark trees. Its almost like a master class looking at your work every day! Many thanks, Stephen
There is something very rare, Julian, you have succeeded in doing in this one. The contrast and harmony between motion and stillness. In the same painting, there is a great leeway:- motion: many little dashes ( vineyard, track, trees, mountains) - stillness: no visible dashes (sky, shadow of the house) This painting alltogether seems to be a living scene of a movie (your movie, Julian) we are looking at. Oh and these high trees so to speak like a human family (Dad, Mum holding a baby... a daughter I feel and their son with a tuft)telling us: "Hello you are welcome here!" A masterpiece.
Oh, Julian and Alain, How utterly perfect to look and to read! Thank you both for a glimpse of 2 different poets' souls.
I could use all the usual adjectives, but what`s the point? So here`s a moment to catch my breath___________! there, enough said. Thank You.
Julian, as you know we own your painting of the little decanter with the golden dessert wine in it. We bought some Beaumes de Venise wine to eat with a cake I made (with B. de Venise in it) to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. The little decanter is a jewel that reminds us of wonderful times. That and this painting are like a Proustian madeleine in their effect. Merci, Julian.
Hi, has there been any update on "The Book"? If so, I haven't heard, could someone let me know. thanks, -joe