daily painting titled Roses


24cm x 33cm (9½"x 13"), Oil on Linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 15 October, 2009
Posted in Flower paintings
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Elegantly and fabulously beautiful.

Julian this is simply gorgeous! I can feel the pink velvet, love the edges between -or the lack thereof -the glass vase and the background... the negative shapes in the vase and the diagonals of the leaves is masterful!

All I can say is, wow. (Such a profound comment, eh?) But it's incredible. The glass. How does one paint transparency? Or the heady scent of roses? However it happens, you've done it.

Hello Julian,

I love the roses. It is so lovely the way you used a similar background, but muted It and made the roses full of light against it.



Shades of Fantin-Latour...WOW!

Julian- I am struck by you ability to move your focus from near to far. Your dark and intimate still lifes have served as a prelude to this one - it is full of light and air and has a serene presence that is breath-taking. Thank you.

I miss you my sweet
And this bunch of roses
Reminds me of you.
So sweet-scented.
Your lips like these petals
Were made of barley sugar
Your skin like these leaves
Were made of almond paste
Your hair like these stems
Made of marshmallow.
O You my Sweetheart, who smelt
Like the wall behind the bunch,
Pink meringue,
You are living now
Among the angels of light.
I hug these flowers and I remind of

I adore your roses

This is really a great piece to aprecciate the way and technique how artist can move the brouche and is impecable the impression of the vase in this paint you can see the clear and nite of shadowa veils this just a great paint