daily painting titled Blood oranges

Blood oranges

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 6 February, 2019
Posted in Still life paintings


I can't even express how wonderful your paintings are--perfect combination of painterliness, great composition and color. All adds up to an emotionally fulfilling experience.

I love the piece I have and I'm sure to snag another sometime soon!

Thanks, Hal

Fabulous ‼️❤️Love the compliments 👍🎨🍊💙

Nicely done! So was the loaf of bread a few days ago... in my opinion, your best bread-- since I've been following you!

Lovely! I bought some today with view to painting them. You’ve given me a head start

Slice them tomorrow, such luscious colors and you know just how make them look delicious and eminently ediblee. Terrrific!


The arrangement and placing of these contrasting colours are a joy to see.
Well done Julian!

Such a happy painting.