daily painting titled Oyster Shell, Knife, Lemon Quarter and Goblet

Oyster Shell, Knife, Lemon Quarter and Goblet

19cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 17 October, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


Congratulations, Julian on your 1000th Postcard! You've been very inspiring to us all. Your work is truly wonderful! Brian
Congratulations Julian (and Ruth!) with the 1000th postcard. I really enjoy your paintings. Every day. Keep up the good work! Jiddje
Brilliant, bravo, tan ta rah, whoopee...I brought a really nice bar of chocolate and made a special cup of coffee just to open the email with. Should have guessed oysters would be the subject. Well thank you for all of your hard work and letting us share your vision of your life. Heres to you both. xxxx
Congratulations Julian, Your cup runneth over. What an inspiration you have been to all the daily painters. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing these with us.
Chocolate, yum
yay, and do you always eat so well? in any case you feed us nicely!
Congratulations!! What a wonderful body of work! When I first found your site,from a friend, I went back through the archives to see more of your work. I was astounded at the scope of this effort and here you are at #1,000. Just fabulous. I still stroll back through the archives sometimes, it's like visiting a jewel of a museum. Thank you so very much for giving this to the world.
bravo julian and ruth! and thank you for the many paintings which have made my life so joyful since i found you. i too have quite a collection of "saves", printed ups, and some still in my mailbox to reread and enjoy thru the day. i would bring you more champagne today if i lived closer.
Felicitations! I love the daily shot of Comtat Venaissin. A heartfelt toast to you from Hackney x Sophie
A truly wonderful 'signature' painting for celebrating a very important day. Thanks for your help with the interview Julian and for all the great paintings in the last three years. I had a fabulous time going back through the archives to choose pictures to use for the post!
Congratulations and well done!! A wonderful painting for your 1000th postcard, no surprise. Love the light on the oyster shell. Looking forward to the next 1000.
Fabulous achievement Julian...your work is the highlight of my emails!! Found a bottle of two year old homemade sloe gin in the cupboard tonight, so CHEERS! Thanks for my daily delights :o) Liz x
Julian, congratulations on this achievement. I do not know how you do it but I have been a faithful and appreciative fan since you began posting your gorgeous paintings. Thank you for your daily dose of sunshine and inspiration.
Wow. Very nice work as always. Your perseverance is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats, man! You are brilliant and inspiring! Cheers! Takeyce
Julian, the quality of your paintings and the constancy with which you produce them is marvelous and inspiring to me. Please do continue. Your e-mails are a delight that I look forward to every day.
Julian, besides the pure pleasure of receiving and viewing your gorgeous images you have been a true inspiration. Perhaps it is no coincidence that tonight is the opening of my first gallery show! I will say a toast to you and Ruth!
brilliant Julian....what a great painting and a real sense of celebration...I introduced a friend to your web site last night during a fab south Indian curry and you have really inspired him...loved the article by the way...thought it really captured who you are....certainly brings joy recieving your email....lots of love to you both Janexxx
A FEAST! A FEAST! for all the senses Felicitations for all the creative inspirations you bring us. Enjoyed reading the refined choices of the meals that will celebrate this 1,000 oeuvre. Merci
a thousand congratulations julian a great achievement, such discipline & graft! wishing you many more happy paintings bravo & thanks, it's been fascinating watching :-)
Julian, do you ever cheat and do two so you can have a day off tomorrow? Just kidding. As a recent arrival I have become addicted like so many others. I wonder if you are aware how inspiring this is? I check you out some days and say, "well, he's done it so now you have no excuse not to work."
Congratulations! Here's to the next 1000!
10.18.08 was from me--Jane
Congratulations on your 1000th! Wishing you thousands more inspirations!
Here's to the magic spell you cast...may your life always be "La Vie en Rose" Enjoy this remarkable achievement.
1000 gifts of beauty is a remakable achievement, congratulations I still sit and gaze with happiness at my collection of postcards and the beautiful aubergine, Breton onions and garlic painting that you produced especially for me, thank you
Well done! And thank you for several years of daily delight.
Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing your paintings. I treasure the ones I own and look forward to seeing the new ones every day. And I hope there will be thousands more!
Congratulations, Julian, and thank you for the pleasure and calm I often find when coming here to see your latest work.
Congratulations Julian for a wonderful body of work and for making so many people happy, 1000 times over. Take great pride in the fact that each day you post, you make people happy! This is a truly wonderful and gratifying thought!!
Hello Julian Congratulations on the #1000. You are truly generous as you share, via the internet, your daily paintings. In addition to the pleasure that you bring to me, I learn much from examining each painting and from the comments that are made on the posting. Your project shows a special tenacity and a gift for focusing on the elements of an image that make it both meaningful and special. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration and deservedly so. Barbara
Congratulations!! and thank you for sharing!!