daily painting titled Autumn track

Autumn track

20cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 24 November, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


This is one of your best landscapes. I'm a painter, sometimes, and I have watched your site for years. Your paintings are wonderful.... but this is great. The dark yellow greens of the trees in the middle distance, and the glimpses of the paler, but unlit mauve blue of the distant trees is captivating. You should just do landscapes. SO free and loose, so true. Fabulous. x
ooh...windy day! Was this painted "en plein air"? or later from photos? I'm a painter too....working in watercolors. A wonderful watercolor painter named Steven Thor Johanneson(spent 30 years painting in England; now has returned to his native U.S.A. ) turned me on to your blog and I'm inspired by it....trying to do a small daily painting.......Your fruits are always masterly of course, but it's fun to see these beautiful landscapes.
Love to see anothe lanscape. Again you have left us, the viewer, feeling as if we are there...Walking along this quiet road, I can here the breeze rustling through the dry grass and the heat of the sun against my face....
Dear Julian , I really like the fact that we are privileged to share both landscape and still life. Would a painter of your talent really want to tie himself to one or the other? I relish the surprises and they are equally pleasing to me. Today's glowing autumn track is so wonderful, just reading a biography of Samuel Palmer, some of his landscapes, although English to the core, are suffused with the same spirituality. This is lovely and hasn't autumn lingered in your Eden. Anna.
This my friend is perfection , the soft tones of the distant tree line and sky sharply contrasted by the mid - distant trees and foliage mixed with the light joyful foreground. Excellent!!! Thank you Julian , just made my day! Craig
So gorgeous!!!! I struggle to get that distant blue the right value and color and you got it perfectly! It's such a pleasure to see your work! Best regards, Judy Feins
Wow! I see so many different comments and reactions to this painting. For me, I just see the actions and energy of this scene through your passionate, and active brushstrokes.