daily painting titled Still Life with Garlic and chili

Still Life with Garlic and chili

17cm x 12cm (6¼"x4¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 13 March, 2009
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I just saw, in Thursday's (yesterday's, March 12) NYTimes, a reproduction of one of your clementines on my favorite French dishcloth with the blue stripe. It is on p. D8, and I just wish it were in color. They mentioned the giclee print but not the paintings. Tout de meme, c'est pas mal! It did leap out at me, and I was so proud to be able to go around the house and see more JMS paintings and prints. Darn this recession! But I hope you receive the kudos (rather, the $$$ that you so wondorously deserve). The pink/purple in the garlic, in the present painting, contrasting with the bright red of the chili is fantabulous! Another "hot spot" in my day. Merci!
Very nice Julian. I love how you use chariscuro is the result of using a shadow box? Lovely subtle violets and grays.
I love the distinction between the neatness of the chili in contrast to the radiating ghost of the garlic, with its dark purple crevice so menacing, next to the so weak chili. Strange feeling.
Alain, I love all of your comments. But just take one bite out of that tiny lil' chili, and it will blow the garlic's menacing presence to pieces.Strong things frequently come in small packages. You do SEE so much in all of Julian's paintings. Merci for your poetic as well as amazingly insightful comments, while here I'm taking the culinary aspect of the representation a bit too far. It's just that I did bite into an innocent looking red pepper once in Brazil, as a child, then rubbed my eyes.... Mondieuduciel, I'm VERY careful with chilis.
Hi Jeff, the set up is a shelf near a window and I use draped material for the background and to create a sort of shadow box - you can see the studio (before I moved in and spoilt it) on this post of Ruth's. The studio is long and thin with a high roof and a mezzanine (still unfinished) from which the photo is taken. This will eventually house all my dry stuff - computers, printer, office etc. So you have to imagine me painting just in front of that (east facing) window with the set-up on shelves on the left wall.
Thanks Jol. I don't really think Julian's paintings are only some simple realistic paintings. Exactly like about Goya's or Soutine's works for instance. Behind the surface... Julian is a magician. And I am daydreaming everyday.