daily painting titled Poppies in the rain, St. Didier

Poppies in the rain, St. Didier

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 17 May, 2019
Posted in Flower paintings


sublime. thank you for sharing.

Hello, I always enjoy when one of your"postcards" pops up in my inbox.
I am just learning to draw and paint and feel that I can learn a lot from looking at your work.
So, immense thanks (and much respect!)

I have two questions for you when you have time to answer.
1. I have bought several packets of your cards and really enjoy sending them to friends. Do you anticipate printing any new ones (different images) in the near future?
2. I noticed you took the JSS in Italy master class. What was that like for you? (Top benefit derived, for example?)
Thank you, sir.


How enjoyed the honey meringues at the tea room there! Lovely town; fine painting.

Hi Julian I really like your latest painting...You have created a lovely balance in your composition...with the field of red poppies on the right... and the way the lines of the dirt road help to lead the viewers eye into the bold stokes of dark dreen paint you’ve used to describe the trees in the distance...

You should listen to his interview on the Savvy Painter podcast. If I remember correctly they discuss the JSS master class.


I love your work. Please can you teach me perspective? I'd like to join one of your classes.