daily painting titled Poppy field and cabanon

Poppy field and cabanon

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 13 June, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


This absolutely sparkles! I'm there!!!

Gorgeous Julian!

Still there for the painting: nice pun! Nicer painting.

Naturally, I can't write every time I get one of your postcards, but let me reassure you that I look at each one of them. Furthermore, as an older person and longtime devotee of the arts, your work is extremely beautiful and consistently so from day to day. I don't speak French, but let me just sent a heartfelt "merci" your way.

What a lovely painting - I remember those "red" fields of flowers very well -

Oh Julian, that is lovely....the poppies in all their glory, ripe cherries, and NO WIND! Until next year, your postcards will keep me dreaming (and painting). Best to all. Gail

Even by your high standards Julian, this is rather special, as Janet has said, this one really sparkles.

I love the poppies...and I love the tree. A lot of personality and so well done!

My art instructor, Dan Petrov suggested I look at your website. Your work is truly beautiful! I look forward to each of your posts.


Just came from a very long and very trying business meeting for the "day-job"... and there is the Poppy field and cabanon. Cannot tell you how much I long for that view, that air, and the joy of struggling with phthalo green. Your work consistently helps me continue the course - though thousands of miles away.

I almost feel like I am there, too. This is an amazing painting.

Thanks Julian for another delicious painting. Everyday I think this is it ..it can't get better but it does. Your colors are so rich and clean. I'd love to see a painting or a photo of your palette and how the colors are laid out. Do you paint only with oils or have you used other mediums.

A miraculous viewpoint of felicity.But for how much longer?

Hi Gail! How are you?? Lots of love Karin xxx

Love the hillside as well - beautiful painting comme d'habitude! V glad the cherries are still in with a chance

Another piece of poetry on canvas! Not suprisingly, you "nailed" this one like many of your others. Could look at it all day.