daily painting titled Apple, cheese and wine

Apple, cheese and wine

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 24 October, 2018
Posted in Still life paintings


48 hours with no food? 😱I’d pass out. You are quite mad - but very talented! Lovely painting as usual.
I appreciate your work— this grouping is lovely!
Hi Julian, I just want to thank you very much for sending me these wonderful emails. They had stopped coming for a few weeks and I was missing them. I have bought your beautiful book as a gift for a friend who is a professional artist, and for myself. Please keep me on your list and many thanks for all the inspiration and pleasure you give to myself and others. Warm wishes
Love my daily paintings. I note from a comment that you have a book. I loved your wife's book that I read some years ago. What is the title of your book? Sante Marian somes
Beautiful contrast and colour- love seeing your work, always an inspiration to get working myself!!
Julian, I so appreciate your emails and have been a subscriber for many years also purchasing and owning some wonderful art from you. This is another example of why I am a follower. Wish I had the fortitude to do a fast right now.
Might have had a little cheese and wine
"Postcard from Provence", check out the store or Amazon
Thank you for sending me your wonderful paintings please keep sending those emails... Hope your son had a wonderful 8 Birthday.i remember when he was a baby..the years are so fleeting...Greetings from Rini in Calgary