daily painting titled Bottles


19cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Sunday 2 February, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Hi Julian , I love it the subtle colour changes , the shapes , beautiful!! Thanks Craig
Oooo, lovely!
This is a beautiful little painting. I have a bottle on my mantelpiece almost the same as the two square ones. I had never thought it was an ink bottle but it makes perfect sense! thank you for a lovely painting and the solution to a mystery!
These ink bottles look like precious jewels. The colors and highlights are glorious the way you painted them. Nice viewpoint, too!
Oh my!! I absolutely LOVE this! I have two old ones here (love old bottles & ink wells) and wish I had the talent to paint them. I've been wanting to do so for a long time. You did a wonderful job, capturing the transluscency, etc. I would never have had the confidence to paint them up lined up in a row - such an unexpected composition. You just keep topping yourself every week! How wonderful it must be to have this kind of talent
I do love it when still life objects look alive - as if they will begin singing, cooking, cracking jokes and rolling around laughing as soon as the viewer turns their back. So fun! Makes the world a livelier happier place-thanks. I am saving up.
Oh, so well done. Your collections must filling the house. They are all so beautifully comfortable to live with. You go from strength to strength. Hurrah!
Thank you Julian - this is a remarkable painting! What a great inspiration you are; it is wonderful to receive these joyful, sublime, profound visual poems each day. You have imbued these little glass bottles with such personality... they are actors from a Shakespearean comedy taking their curtain call on stage! The playful treatment of their translucency and subtly beautiful colours is a sheer joy! Perfect!
Dear Julian, a charming trio!!The solidity and weight are beautifully captured. Do I spot some blue writing ink in the neck of the left bottle? A scrumptious aqua tone on the smaller bottles contrasting so well with the dull gleam of the middle one. As we have seen, the inkwells combine very well with other objects,("Bergamot with antique ink bottle")I see a rose, dried or garden fresh, a stack of fraying old books, a retired old dip pen with a glinting brass nib. But no, ignore that, it's too much! The artist knows best,to leave well alone and leave pictorial space and a certain spare aesthetic rather than crowd the painting with romantic notions of times past! Anna.
your painting has progressed so much....this is a great piece
Such a lovely rendering of these glass bottles. You've captured the irridescence of old glass so beautifully. It is such a pleasure to see your work.
To capture the essence of glass on a canvas has always fascinated me. I have created a sanctuary in my home around two paintings of Ball jars by my favourite artist, Dean Taylor Drewyer.
Sublime Julian, I feel like I am seeing out of your eyes.