daily painting titled Deserted beach near Padangbai

Deserted beach near Padangbai

20cm x 16cm oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 19 January, 2011
Posted in Paintings of Bali


Great that you are on holiday and experiencing new stuff... very invigorating, and a challenge to all of us who have been following your work.
Delightful reverie...
Simply perfect. I could look at this for hours...visual poetry!
This is such a soothing and mellow scene which you captured perfectly. I can 'hear' the waves and 'feel' the breezes !!! A charming sea scape Julian. It is difficult to paint ocean waves and you did it so beautifully !!!!
Julian - Such a lovely capture of what looks to be a quiet peaceful beach. I can just hear the lap lap of the gentle waves. Thank you for the wonderful image. We are all enjoying YOUR vacation! Be careful of the black sand. On our honeymoon, my husband terribly burned the tops of his feet just burying them in the black sand....He thought they were protected, but the sun absorbed right through that dark sand.
Julian, these new painting are so refreshing! Thank you! It must be fabulous to have such beautiful new visual information. Have fun!
Have been seriously ill for six weeks. Your Bali paintings are restoring me and today's journey along the coast has touched my soul. Thank you and enjoy your holiday.
We are in the midst of snow, ice and slush here in upstate NY. My husband and I both are suffering from The Cough that is laying everyone low here. Opening your daily views of Bali lifts our spirits enormously. I think all your viewers should club together and send you there every winter! We need your gorgeous painting to sustain us through the cold, dark winter.
norma that is a most excellent idea!!!!! (from julian's wife!)
Julian, This beach and water painting calmed me down. I love thinking of you there. The colors are soothing and being stuck home with a knee healing, it made me feel I must continue to work on recovery so I can walk on a beach again. And maybe paint,again. It's so nice you are sharing your life with us. Karen
so different from the previous days' greens. and I love the clouds as you captured them. they're always more dramatic near the coast. like when we drive from inland Connecticut to the shore, the closer we get, the sky becomes so much more animated.
Julian, I love the softness of this painting. And I also love my 'clementine with leaf' which I picked up today and shared with fellow artists and The Roost. I am giddy with happiness that it is mine!
Hello, I do not speak English, I use an automatic translator, you just send a little "hello" since my Provence see you soon, Isabelle
I can almost smell the water and hear the waves. Peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy your holiday! Irene