daily painting titled Jonquils in a spice jar

Jonquils in a spice jar

13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 6 March, 2011
Posted in Flower paintings


I have been moving back and forth between yesterday's daffodils in a "jar" and today's jonquils in a "spice jar". Now I am curious about the jars. A Canadian spice jar would be very tiny and skinny. In yesterday's painting the jar appears larger below the neck. If the spice jar is small, this would mean that the jonquils would be very small flowers. Julian you also have a mysterious red on the side of the small jar today. In both cases the I very much like the impression of the flowers against the grey background. I particularly like the window today with its mysterious background. How lovely to see these charming yellow flowers. Thanks for these images of spring.
I'm so happy for the comments you post! It makes me feel like I'm there. And, it briefly takes me away from the craziness of working and watching children simultaneously.
Nice and simple and very pretty. Reminds me of my how my grandma would do so many of her cuttings.
My tiny jonquils like this have a wonderful aroma. Do your smell as delicious as they look? And yes, my grandchildren were delighted with yesterday's painting by a "real" artist.
On Monday 7 Marsh, 2011 The flowers seem to do a wonderful saraband-dance! - Mum mum",I do hysterically cry,suddenly lapsing into second childhood,"I want to have a ride with the jonquils on this merry-go-round, pleeease!Right away! - But are you really aware of what you are asking me? These are "Jonquils in a spice jar" painted by Mister Julian Merrow Smith!" - please mum! - OK, but do your homework first!"