daily painting titled A Simple Supper

A Simple Supper

21cm x 11cm (8½"x4¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Monday 9 March, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


I can't believe no one has commented! You nailed that bread and I can smell what I think might be some goat cheese- gorgeous! I need to hurry back there because I can taste the cheese but it's name does not come to me... time to pack!
shelley says we love it" but can you put a little more light on the glass? and then we,ll bid on it...love the subject matter
I love this painting, it is sublime and so simple.
This painting SLAYS me. I have returned to it several times today to stare at the sheer brilliance. I especially love the bread. The lighting on the bread is incredible. I was outbid awhile ago but I might attempt to get a print if it exists. Thank you Julian, it's beyond..... Rachael
Subtle balance between lights and shadows. It reminds me of the humbleness of " The meal of peasant" painted by Louis Le Nain. Moment of silent meditation.
Chardin often referred to as the greatest still life painter of all--I don't know about that Julian. you just get better and better and better with a simple crust of bread as spectacular a purveyor of light and shadow as you've done. thank you.
This is a knockout. As to bread, glass, dark purple liquid, cheese -- wow. But I've been wanting to mention the horizontal surfaces. Whether it's this tabletop or a vast expanse of fields, it's always the perfect illusion of flat, from here to way out there. Julian creates s p a c e on those little gessoed cards.
Makes me feel hungry.