daily painting titled Bergamot with antique ink bottle

Bergamot with antique ink bottle

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Very Nice Julian! Fun to get something new to work with. Best to Ruth and Louis Jessie
The blue/green neutral is lovely with that yellow. And the luminousity of the shadow on the bottle is superb.
I love your work. I'm also an artist and your work inspires me!
love the ink bottle and you've captured it well
Lovely combination Julian. Thank you.
Dear Julian, what a lovely new "prop"!The old ink bottle with it's thick rim and heavy base and what I see as deposits of old, dried ink is beautifully captured. Pure poetry next to the rich yellow of the little "piquant" Bergamot orange. Anna.
Wonderful harmony of gray ranges and yellow! But what strikes me here most is the uncommon position of the lemon! Few painters set up a solitary lemon in that vertical position! The meaning? This is another equivalence of a self-portrait: here, Julian is at his best. We can observe that even the air around him participates to that healthy look; particularly, all along the right outline of the lemon where nervous thin brushstrokes (in the technical spirit of Cezanne) seem to help the lemon standing up straight: atmospherical signs of empathy (but we have to enlarge the picture first to see that). At last,a very enigmatic dash of yellow in the immediate foreground echoes the muted yellow reflection of the bottle mouth giving as a result the "yellow cohesion" of the whole painting and adding depth to the latter. Perhaps this drop of yellow, astray, is a symbol of a small tear of...joy,glad to be free.
A really great picture, I love the rich hues of the fruit, they really sing with colour.