daily painting titled The kitchen door, La Madelene

The kitchen door, La Madelene

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 6 June, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Oh my goodness, this is so wonderful-that little shaft of light at the bottom, sublime. Happy weekend...
Such a fascinating pastel window in the background through the glazing of the half door! And what a power of visual attraction made by the small opening! Thanks to the latter and emphasized by the side view, a grid of geometric shapes appears in its complexity. Through the open door, and may be because of the colour of the tiled floor, bit by bit, I seem to smell the scents of thin slivers of onions slowly sizzling in a pan with olive oil...
I love this painting..just found a poster of France's sweet treats from my visit in France. Your painting brings back wonderful memories..would love to attend one of your workshops...
That does it! I may have to renew my passport. Love what's happening here.
Oh the Magic Kitchen....
This is wonderful and so inviting. It really does make you wish you could walk through that door with the lovely light hitting the sheen on the floor. Thank you, Julian! It makes a student, such as myself, realize that paintings don't have to be just about flowers, and landscapes, etc. I would love to have that hanging in my kitchen dining area.
I love the kitchen door, inviting someone in to smells of Provence! It also says to me that I need to look outside of the box and find everyday objects to paint! It is wonderful!
I have always liked doors and doorways in paintings. What I like about yours is the glint of yellow sunlight in your mix of colors from the window beyond, and the two little wine(?) bottles peeping through the bottom window. The light on the floor brings you right in, too. A great painting, Julian!
Great, evocative.. Old doors, doorways, interiors...welcoming.. Marc Delassio very helpful..Thank you Julian
Thank you Julian and Alain for the concise and useful lesson on geometrics, colour and light in the composition of an image.