daily painting titled Molino Stucky

Molino Stucky

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 28 October, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Looks wonderful! I'm guessing that you did not leave any paint on the ground.
I love this painting. Wonderful light - good going!!
I love it too. Is it wind I hear in the background? Thank you for sending.
On the Guidecca island... Love it and your painting is lovely in that light. Have a grand time in that elegant lady of a city
The recent Venice paintings are good lessons in simplicity. Bravo!
Honey-like atmosphere...Crystalisation process of all the golden components... And the boat looking like a citrine seems to reflect the sun oddly turned into an acid drop! Be careful, this painting is not edible!
You made much of the shadows. They are full of colour!
Wow Maginifico!
What? Dodgy photo?? This is brilliant! (literally) Having one of your paintings now, I can SO appreciate the quality difference between the online image and the original. If this is a "dodgy photo", the original must be amazingly stunning!! Btw, I just noticed your "become a friend" link (and signed up, thank you!) That is genius! Someday when I'm famous I'm going to copy that idea!!
Perfection. A lovely painting.
Dear Julian,the peachy and softest of blue and lavender skies over the peaceful island creates an other worldly beauty.The gigantic old mill is appearing as if in its early days, before its conversion to a massive Hilton Hotel.I guess times must move on and something had to be done about old "Stucky". Love the loose,sketchy brush strokes,touch of Sargent. . Anna H.