daily painting titled House amongst Trees

House amongst Trees

17cm x 12cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 24 July, 2006
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breath... taking. The heat just hums in this one. Big big big painting. Whoever gets it will be very lucky.

I agree with Gary. I like the loose way you handled the foliage. This painting would be fabulous done really LARGE.

I had my favorite credit card number memorized for this one and curses ...it sold an hour earlier than expected!?

Apologies I made a hash of the EDT time, meant to say 13:30 those who used the Paris time profited, apologies. Julian

This looks like France, Asia, even Bay Area. Are those palm trees? It is placeless as well as priceless -- not to mention timeless. On that time issue, Julian, don't sweat it. (Heat wave humor!!) It must be those pesky solar flares....

No Gary, they're big pines but I admit it made me think of LA

Palm or pine, it is a beautifully done, gem of a painting. What a welcome relief from the heat and frustration of the day.

Good morning Julian...your still lifes and landscapes are truly amazing but, how about more portrait work here?

How can I be added to "Painting a Day" mailing list? Julian, your paintings are luminous!

When I saw his beautiful painting I immediately thought of California. As a matter of fact it reminded me in some way of Richard Deibenkorn.