daily painting titled House and ploughed field

House and ploughed field

20cm x 10cm (8"x4"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 16 February, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Sun-drenched but so obviously a winter landscape. Your paintings tell me so much more about the weather in Provence than any weather report could.
It is an absolute delight to get one of your "postcards" every day. I live in the USA in the smallest state of this country and the winters can often be dismal. Your paintings are very mood elevating and are candy to my eyes. merci, merci, merci. Jeannine
Un ouverture impastorale with a sweeping light finale
I love the fact that even as the brush strokes in this picture create the illusion of wind and vivid colour, and a certain haziness, the eye, observing the canvas for a prolonged period, notices the finest details of colour and shade - amazing.
Glowing trans-figuration. A field as a breaking wave of gold,a couple of trees providing shelter for a dazzling rose-window of light,and in the distance,a lively untied string of pink and blue pearls which are tumbling down,as an exquisite river,towards the humble house...I imagine we are all of us walking barefoot on this tender warm field,breathing deeply the fresh air.And,whilst we are smiling,we listen to the silence singing with the sun...