daily painting titled Still Life with Onion, Shallot and Head of Garlic

Still Life with Onion, Shallot and Head of Garlic

16cm x 13cm (6¼"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 26 January, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful painting. Wow, that's a big head of garlic! Or a small onion? I enjoy your work so much, and always look forward to seeing the changing of the seasons there in Provence. The arrival of your email is one the highlights of my afternoon. Keep up the great work!
Well, these pictures of alliums are all well & good, but I'm still hoping that Julian will do a portrait of a truffle before the season is over...
Hi J.....like they are in conversation! great...love many, somehow them chatting amused me!!too many glasses of wine!!love Janex
This wonderful stillife brings tears of joy!
the colors are wonderful but it is the composition that is so grand the more i look at it.....perfect in every way. thankyou.
Julian, you know I'm fascinated by the reflections of light on all of your paintings. Can you tell your admirers HOW you put on the white(s) on the brighter, shinier spots? Do you ever use your fingers in your paintings? Or is it all brush work? Whatever it is, it's marvelous, but I'm just intrigued by the way a painter works....
I love the stem end of the onion, its almost musical!
Absolutely wonderful colour, composition and light. Amazing.
Hi Julian, I am a friend of Ann and Clive. I love your work. I am a mushroom expert and general plantsman. The comment on truffles is a great point it would be wonderful to see some paintings of them. Roger Phillips
Hello Roger, I am thinking of you guiltily today as we yet again missed the infamous truffle market in Carpentras this morning. Julian is a long term fan of your book Wild Food and we have enjoyed many of your recipes. There are a couple of paintings of truffles, I think, if you go to the full archive. As you can imagine they are not that easy to paint. Anyway there is one with eggs, I know, and another of a truffle orchard which is also a print. When you come and visit we will take you to the truffle market!