daily painting titled Wrapped clementine

Wrapped clementine

13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 6 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I love hidden treasures!
Dear Julien, This piece is stunning. My gut reaction as a painter was that this is a lesson and a new year's challenge to see and to capture in paint the silkiness of the tissue used to wrap the clementine. Right now I have a two-week old piece of baguette on my work table. Each day I try to capture successfully its crisp outside and yeasty inside. Before that it was a week old croissant. I hope to run across some of that silky/waxy fruit paper. Thank you for posting, for sharing your talents, and for the unending inspiration.
Mrs Clementine with her wonderful white wings has just landed in front of us! Safe and sound.
Dear Julian, beautiful! Just because I am curious about artistic development, I had a look at some of the early years of the archives for the month of January. It is striking how many of the paintings were speaking the same language, but now,in comparison, the layers and textures makes the most of the medium of oils and add to that a more complex palette. In the still lifes especially, there is added drama and mystery, utilising to the full the techniques of chiaroscuro and sfumato. Above all, the compositions rarely contains anything that is not essential to the whole. Bravo Julian!! Anna. Anna.