daily painting titled Detatchment


20cm x 10cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 12 January, 2007
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This is a very strong one, I think, with lots of movement in the composition.

Lovely piece.

Thanks Paul, It was more of a struggle than it looks (I hope). Dentists visit yesterday and I am a tooth down and feeding through a straw, might account for writing 16:00am in the email.... doh

Julian, your work is mesmerizing. I'm lucky enough to own a piece, and hope to own more some day.

Best wishes - Brenda

Do wish you a speedy recovery from your dental problems....your struggle produced another winner.....

for more about julian's dental problems see "toothache"

Novacaine must help your artistic abilities... I can identify w/ your plight completely... heal quickly, OK? Great Postcard!

stunning! You should go to the dentist more often. You've inspired me to paint fruit in my studio.

Thanks All,

Silvina, Van Gogh cut his ear off and I had a tooth out, can't recommend either for motivation.

Diane amazingly no need for painkillers as yet perhaps I'll try the ear thing..

Donna, Brenda and all thanks for your good wishes, I'll soldier on.. eatings the problem but we are trying to diet so...

Julian, my feeling is this is one of your best still lifes. love the minimalist composition and juicy brushwork. Do more so maybe I'll eventually be succesful and get one!!