daily painting titled Track and poppy field

Track and poppy field

20cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 14 May, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Dear Julian, back again frothing with comments! Wonderful poppy fields and rich foliage.The sky a deep blue for this the month of may. Poetic Alain, I like the "gothic vault made by the trees". Like being transported back to the age of chivalry in ancien Provence! Your master classes are going to be wonderful, hope we will see some pics. A great idea that will be a great success! Anna.
The quality of your work is epitomized by your brushwork in the massed canopy of green trees; full of interesting marks, not at all overworked, yet full of rich hue accents and depth via careful value decisions. Not to mention the exciting classic overall picture composition. Very well done!
Hi Julian: Just back from vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia and immediately into the busy-ness of life, never-ending jobs and the gardening awaits after a long winter. Temperatures are crazy in Southern Ontario - yesterday, the furnace was on and today it is so warm, we could easily turn on the air conditioning! Feeling stressed out due to many challenges (mostly health) lately and what a relief it is to gaze at today's blissful painting of yours!. Oh, how I wish I could walk down that country lane and relax beneath one of your shady trees! I just love your work ..... your talent continually amazes me. Thank you so much for always giving me a visual and mental lift!! Elaine
By now , you know I am a fan of your landscapes. Your landscapes give a sense of the place. Your still life paintings are solid, I am just partial to the landscapes. Bravo!