daily painting titled Clementines in a spanish bowl

Clementines in a spanish bowl

55cm x 38cm (21"x15") oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 6 November, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings
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Awesome painting! The colored contrast between clementines and bowl is just...Scrumptious!
So, so lovely. It's sold!!!
so cheered to see you so completely back on form..love. tom
I have recently returned from the Provencal region, visiting Lyon and Les Halles, Arles, Provence and other delightful towns. I have also just finished Ruth's book "Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard." I loved the region and the book and have acquired an even greater appreciation for your beautiful work, Julian, and your subjects. Thank you for bringing joy to me through your art every day. Marianne
Oh that is wonderful, and cheered my rather traumatic day enormously. So glad you are on form, not that you ever aren't, and thanks for one of my favourite parts of the week - catching up on you.
HI Julian, WOW this painting is WOW!!! The deep blue of the bowl against the orange Clementines!! , spectacular.
The focus is on each of the clementines via light and the perfect choice of the deep blue bowl (from the market at Carpentras?). Bravo Julian!
The word "lovely" has been used many times to describe your paintings, but I can't think of a nicer word than lovely to describe your paintings of clementines. Thank you for bringing joy to each day. Brenda
I wondered when a larger one would be coming along. It is just beautiful - painted with poetry. Evelyn
So beautiful. I second Brenda's comment, Thanks for bringing joy to each day : )
This painting is beautiful. Thank you for the total feeling of Provence on a dark rainy Calif. day. Kay
Just lovely.
Flamboyant, Julian !!! Qu'il pleuve donc tous les week-ends !
Very nice!
I love this! Absolutely the best of the clementines. Mary Anne
I had just bought my first clementines of this season, only six, but nothing like this abundance. Or this perfect painting! I called my husband in to look and he declared the bowl, like the background, black, and did not see that cobalt blue! I could look at this forever. Even the tabletop is wonderful.