daily painting titled Baguette à  l'ancienne

Baguette à  l'ancienne

18cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Tuesday 29 November, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Delicious, I can smell it and taste it!
Striking as some tragic still lifes painted by Goya!I like this shadow in oblique abruptly broken in the middle by the luminous white part of bread,a bread shaped as an open heart. Moving.
So sorry to hear about the fire and the loss of your books. Incredible how you have still managed to paint one of the best studies of bread I've ever seen. What fortitude.
OMG, I have been following your incredibly eventful year, congrats on the return of your health and the newest/youngest family member. Sad news about your home, amazing that your artistic endeavors were spared. I imagine next year you'll be ready for anything. thank you for your emailed beauty and updates.
So sorry to hear of your loss.
I was concerned by the absence of your daily paintings! So sorry to hear of the fire, but happy you and the family are undamaged and have a place to stay. Your new painting is lovely of course.
Seriously, Julian, we were starting to worry about you. Your life is beginning to sound like a fantasy novel with a reality twist- the serenity of art, cello and baby, with the cosmic chaos of first, illness, then fire! What's next? No more drama! Happiest of holidays to you and yours.
Sorry about the fire. Great image!
I am so sorry to hear of your enormous loss of house, books, clothes, furniture; but greatly relieved that your whole household is alive and well and that you have such kind and generous friends to help you through this difficult time. What a year! We all wish you a new-and-improved year-to-come.
Similarly as others have mentioned. This painting is stunningly realistic. It does make you just want to grab and enjoy it! And again, I am so sorry about the fire. But how wonderful your family, studio and cellos are all OK. Blessings for a wonderful Christmas. Hard to think of a better place to be than all together in that beautiful countryside.
Dear Julian, Hug your wife and kid and thank God for the good things eh. Sounds like you have some good friends. So sorry to hear about the fire. I can only imagine the loss. I'm sending what I can, wish it was more. With great admiration, Donald D. Krause fine art
So good to see your images floating through the ether again. And such an evocative image it is. It's nice, more than nice, to have such friends as you have. I'm happy that much was spared but sorry for your losses especially after such an event-filled year for you. Welcome back.
Dearest Julian - so sorry to hear of the fire! A loss like that can be life-changing. We artists tend to be a steadfast breed though. You'll be in our prayers as you work your way through. Hugs Jennifer
sorry to hear your news but glad you escaped yourselves and congratulations on a fantastic painting.
So sorry about your losses. Blessings to you and your family. The painting is beautiful.
Oh, my goodness. I am so sorry to hear of this latest event and so happy to hear you and family are fine. Unbelievable. My thoughts are with you, Ruth, and little Lewis.
Just awful. I'm so sorry. But it certainly hasn't slowed you down, painting-wise. Who would have thought that an old crust of bread could be so breathtakingly beautiful?
No more drama will be the mantra for 2012!!
Yes, Julian. We were getting concerned...and I can see with just cause. Ditto to the wishes and praise for your latest work. One gets adicted, you know, to this daily dose of beauty and inspiration. God bless you, your family, and your dear friends for their love and generosity.
Julian, I am so glad that you and your family are all safe; that is the most important thing. How fortunate you are to have such friends. Ruth, I am glad your cellos survived the fire. Your painting with the mouthwatering texture of the bread and your comments about Christmas treats makes me wish that I could go to Bedoin again, but I have wonderful memories and photographs of my September trip.
Dear Julian I'm so sorry to hear of your terrible news and so glad to hear you are all safe. I had been wondering if you were ill again. Very pleased that you're not BTW! This is such a beautiful study. Realistic - yes. But not in a photographic way - you have achieved that secret of mixing the right colour and tone and putting it in exactly the right place to make a fantastic thing which is most definitely a painting. Malcolm
So sorry to hear about the loss of books and belongings. Must be so difficult to be out of your home. Thoughts are with you.
So very sorry to hear of your loss, but thankfully you, your family and studio are all well. This is a fabulous bread study - makes me wish I were in Provence so I could go out and buy one!
I'm hoping that next year nothing will happen at all!
Dear Julian, What a terrible thing! I am glad you were unhurt, and that your cellos were saved as well as yourselves. That bread has strange minglin of opposites, sadness and brightness in the strokes of the brush; something cut off and yet light in the center. I am glad to see your work again--bythe way, I liked your self=portrait--U always think of the statement by Eli Siegel: "In reality opposites are one; art shows this." I find that is so as I look at so much of your work. I agree with that comment about the slanting shadow under this baguette--bright and shadowy at once. .
So sorry for your losses but grateful you and your family (and studio & cellos!) are intact! Good to hear you have great friends to support you and your work.
So so sorry to hear about this Julian. Your gratefulness is admirable. I pray you will be able to settle back in your own house and studio. Meantime ...yes kindness of your friends are to be greatly appreciated. Chit
Was missing my daily fix of your paintings...thought perhaps you were on vacation. So sorry to hear about the sad event in your life. What was spared were the most valuable perhaps...life, art and music. All the best, and thankful for your wonderful friends with whom you can share the holidays.
Dear Julian, It is truly a gift to have one another, and your livelihoods safe and sound. All these wonderful responses to this terrible event must be a comfort. All of us, your reader/viewers are thankful for the beauty you share from your life. Thank you for trusting us with the tough stuff as well. Sending you warm wishes for a beautiful holiday season.
you are great to get over the adversity like that and paint this beautiful bread. i wish you all the best for your new fresh start.
Hey Julian, sorry for your loss. Glad you and yours are unharmed. Glad the chellos are OK also. Art on and on. Sincerely, Bob Ragland
I am so sorry for you re: fire---please know that you and Ruth and little Louis are in my thoughts. Wish you all good things in the coming year.
So sorry to hear of your losses but glad to know you and your family are well. We were flooded last year...very stressful. Your commitment to your art is inspirational. Can we help in any way? Good luck rebuilding your home. Socorro
Hello Julian, Sorry to hear about the fire...the 2nd artists place that has succumbed to the flames that I have heard about this year(the other was Carol & David Marine's place in Texas). From what you say about moving back the damage must have been quite extensive...was this down to a forest fire ? It has an upside, in that it sounds as though you'll enjoy living at your current outpost and it wont impede your painting. Best wishes, Hilary Dunk (in Coulsdon, Surrey & the Dordogne)
Sorry to hear about the fire but great attitude.
Dear Julian, As a long long time follower of your work that I admire greatly, I must admit that this news stunned me. How terrible for you and your family . Nevertheless you are still painting and your work is very beautiful. Everyone is safe which is important. I hope you will find some peace during the holidays thanks to the friends who took you in. I wish I could help in some way. Keep us informed of your needs.
I don't know how you can manage making such poignant art with such tragedy! So happy that you are all okay, though. I never write, but want you to know how very much I love all your work. Thanks for your steadfastness, fortitude and love for your real family and your onlne family. Reveille
such a nice surprise to have yr painting again. have wondered and worried since i first read the news from Ruth on Facebook. what can we do to help in some way.You and yr family are treasured as a real family to me. take care and good luck from here on. gfs
Julian, Ruth, and Louis, Having lost my home in a wildfire twenty years ago, I have some notion of what you might be experiencing -- perhaps disbelief, shock, loss -- mixed with deep gratitude for what was spared, for your little family, your health, good friends, and the small miracles of everyday life. Your paintings always move me, but this one of a simple loaf of bread touches my heart. All good wishes for the recovery. Dru
Much relief to learn you and your family are unharmed. I so appreciate the beauitful art you bring to the world Julien...
How blessed that all three of you were unharmed and have been taken to the bosom of your friends...with your respective art vehicles intact, no less. The rest I can't bear to think of and wish you rest and healing over the coming Christmas season!
Julian, I can't imagine what you've all been and are going through. Loss is hard, even if they were 'only' things - they hold meaning and memories, I'm sure. Early days. So very glad you are all safe, and have somewhere welcoming to call home until you're back in your own place. Your deceptively simple painting of bread is beautiful and poignant.
Safe, sound, good health and excellent friends ... these are the things that count, but my condolences for the fire and damage. Nice study and it does have that nice moodiness of Spanish still-life painting, as someone said at the top ... very Goya.
Your image of bread ... superb. Your luck ... not so great. Its good that you all survived physically unscathed, though the loss of possessions also leaves its marks. A great gift to have such wonderful local friends, and all credit to your tenacity to continue your work. Good fortune to you all.
Like everyone else, Julian, I was wondering what was going on - so sorry that you and your family had to go through this current trial. May life treat you kindly again. Your paintings show your gratefulness for the simple pleasures we are given in life. Don't forget that you pass this on to your audience. Your painting is a treasure. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Sincerely, Evelyn
May God be with you all the time,Julian;and with Ruth and "p'tit" Louis. Painting bread today is a lucky happenstance. Your daily paintings are my "daily bread". Indispensable.Mysterious process...
So sorry to learn of the fire and thankful that you are all safe. Christmas blessings for you!
Jullian, Oh, fires are so scary! Most important you and your family are all right. Take care.
Wow, Julian...I'm glad to hear you're all OK! In June the house next door caught fire and it was a very scary situation. If the wind had been strong that day, we would have been in serious trouble here. That was a crazy day. My sister was in surgery for 8 hours that day and my brother was sick to his stomach with a virus, and then we had to evacuate. Wild. Bread makes me think of comfort food. Glad to see you're back at it!
Dear Julian and Family, beautiful bread picture, thank heavens you are all OK after the fire and your painting stuff and cellos ok too, bon courage in reasembling your other possessions, a scary time. I Was googling 'still lives' the other day for inspiration as Sarah Wimperis is going to do me a montage of my 'treasured things', and found a stunning one you had done with that rectangular green tin, very beautiful. I have a similar coloured 'Tala' tea caddy, which as i am a complete tea pot will now be appearing in my personal still life!! Happy Advent to you all X
It's such a relief to hear you and your family are all safe and to learn your studio and Ruth's cellos were spared. Thank you for this lovely, evocative painting.
Julian: I'm sure this message is a mere echo of all those who were sorry to hear of your misfortune with the house fire. The good thing: You and the family are well, and you will continue to paint and Ruth will continue to share her music. Bread is the staff of life and you have so beautifully captured the feeling. Best of luck to you and many thanks to your friends and neighbors. Bernie Aronson
Thank goodness the cellos are safe. The painting is wonderful. You really must have your hands full right now. I was curious about the laps in paintings.
Hi Julian. I am sorry to hear about your family's loss of home. I look forward to your small jewel paintings each day, with their beautiful painterly brushstrokes, and their poetic evocation of food or landscape. They are a delightful gift that you give us. Barbara
Dear Julian My Dearly Departed often drove me nuts when there was a problem or unexpected disaster. He would calmly say "well, we have a major opportunity here." You seem to be of the same school of positive thought! "Vistas and wine" brought a chuckle! Annette
Julian, Indeed as someone else said," Your paintings are our daily bread." When your gems do not appear on our screens we are fearful something bad has happened to you and yours. I am so sorry to hear you have lost so much in the fire yet you have left that which is most important; your family. What great spirit you have. Best wishes for the festive season and may 2012 be kind to you all. Sincerely, shirley
Oooh I was so close and Australia beat me out. Will please make a giclee print of this. I promise to buy several as presents.... Best, Anna
I am so very very sorry to hear you've lost your home and belongings to a fire. And glad you were visited by the miracle that spared the cellos and studio and your dear selves. Be well and well-loved by your good friends. Thank you as always for the pleasure of your paintings. Naomi in Bellingham, WA
My Goodness: in one year, a baby, strange ??heart attack, house fire and what next. This time the worm has turned. You are in a wonderful, calming house, apparently with friends who really know how to live. Something great is coming out of this. Can't wait to see what it is. Good fortune to you and yours Elinor
Blessing to you and the family...so glad you are safe and soundly enduring in spite of the loss. Thanks be to good friends in time of need.
Dear Julian, So sorry to hear of your loss. Wishing you and your family well; I am glad everyone is safe. Trial by fire. And you are still producing the most beautiful paintings ever. Courage!
Julian, I have come late to your wonderfull website but would also ask you to consider making this particular painting into a limited edition print. A prezzie for myself !!