daily painting titled Shadows in the snow

Shadows in the snow

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 5 February, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


it's only -1 C now (at 6 pm)! It hardly froze during the day. You probably talk about night temperatures. Big eye is watching you! Hope you have got a good heating system.
It was -9 at Midday in Bedoin, guess I was extrapolatiing!
Love your shadow! Very nice....
If there are any grapes on the vine, perhaps Ontario's famed ice wine could be made. It is hard for me to imagine such cold weather in Bedoin and Crillon-le-Brave. I think your chilly paintings with their icy colours are meant to convey in an image what it feels like to be there, outside or even inside.
Hi, Julian, Satursay in Belgium -15° in the wood. The landscapes are so beautifull to be painted, but too frozen to paint outside. Your painting is beautifull, simply but reflect the snow reality. With my best regards Martine
Julian, All of your work has such feeling. Reveille
The sinuous shape of the blue shadow has something fascinating,it reminds me of a head of some mythological angry creature... contrasting with the peaceful landscape.That creates very lively feeling and pep.
...some mythological angry creature or more poetically,a large blue bird of prey with its face in profile close to the right side,its spreading wings and muscular feet,ready to fly from a blue rock!There is always something magical,Mister,in each of your paintings!
Thank you to Julian for these luscious winter snowscapes. And thanks to Alain for the magical, mystery tour within them. Just love the interaction that occurs. Best regards to you both.
Julian: Where is the location of this scene?
just off the D19 at La Madelaine, Bedoin