daily painting titled Blue Hills

Blue Hills

16cm x 13cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 6 July, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


I notice a slight difference in style? Or is it me...
I love this!!!!! The colours and compostion are wonderful. Thank-you so much!
another one added to my 'please let this be a print!' list :o)
Oh this tree assaulting the smooth line of the mountains and trying vainly to touch the sensual and virginal body of the clouds : what peaceful and lovely painting so far-off the tormented trees in Van Gogh's paintings .
I don't detect a difference in style so much as I miss the dramatic dark backgrounds you used for previous still life paintings. Your palette has definitely lightened. I hope it reflects a happy frame of mind.
Very nice. Have been noticing some very nice new landscapes!!!