daily painting titled Two Clementines

Two Clementines

16cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 16 January, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


This just makes me happy. Since your egg two days ago I have been thinking of Magritte and I don't know why.This one too. It is a compositional thing I am sure...planes of reality suggesting story, symbolism...and then again...sometimes a clementine or an egg is just that. Brilliantly painted, full of life in air filled space and time. All best, Jan
You know how sometimes when you peel an orange, the juice of the peel just kind of mists into the air? Well, I feel like peeling these oranges and savoring that sweet tart mist right now! So fresh and bright! Love it, Julian!