daily painting titled White Tulips

White Tulips

13cm x 19cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 30 January, 2007
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One wonders... "Where do you get tulips this time of year?"

The flower shop ;-)

These are lovely.

These are my first tulips of the "season" and they are perfect. thank you, julian.

These are my first tulips of the "season" and they are perfect. thank you, julian.

These tulips have pure personality. White tulips are almost spritual!... and I love the shadows. Sort of angelic...

Sorry about the spelling...should have been SPIRITUAL! Too much coffee this morning!

I've only managed to get a print of yours; I hope today I manage to buy this lovely painting.

I wish I was around to bid on this on. It is lovely!

J, This isn't exactly regular art criticism but I have to say it: absolutely f****ing marvellous ...

I love when you paint flowers!

Superb!!! Simple Gorgeous!!!

these flowers are so organic...just the way flowers should be painted. notice how i was careful not to say the "other" word. have a great day!

It was love at first sight....

Quite simply put... too beautiful for words...Di

Composition is natural AND poetic; They just pop out of my computer screen !

I'm going to sit on my hands at 3PM, but best of luck to all those bidding!

Tony C in NY.. will trade you three Postcards for the tulips... DHLL1117@aol...
Please reply... Diane

I would love to buy a similar painting in a larger size!!So much feeling in this painting.

Wow....my favorite flowers are white tulips....so beautiful...

I was just looking over the first paintings you posted in '05. Your work has really evolved over the past two years. It's so interesting to see the difference between '05 and '07. Your paintings are stronger, bolder than two years ago, yet still sensitive and exquisite. It's true what my fine art instructors have told me, 'If you want to be a really good artist, paint every day'. You are a great inspiration to me Julian. I'm so glad to be on your mailing list.

di, hang on in there, your time will come. meanwhile enjoy those you have and how they change every day.rx

Absolutely perfect.

I admire all the paintings you share and have tried, unsuccessfully, to buy several as soon as I see them. This is my latest disappointment. It's just wonderful.