daily painting titled Strawberries and Cup

Strawberries and Cup

18cm x 11cm (7"x4"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 10 April, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Wow Julian! This is absolutely luscious! Could it be just your new photography equipment? If so, then your old equipment was not so good... Or - you are just doing really amazing work! The WHITE highlights are so white! What white pigment do you use??

Thanks! You inspire!

Welcome back. Great painting!

That murkiness near the highlight conveys in simplest terms that it's not just a strawberry but a slightly overripe strawberry. Wonderfully subtle painting, Julian.

now that is succulent!! i have a newfound respect for your father julian, having raised 5 children. i'd say he did a fine job of it. welcome back.

I missed your great paintings! Super job on this one.

This makes me happy. At first glance I thought it was a French latte cup, the ones I used to see in the old French movies with Simone Signoret. But I can see it is holding more strawberries.
No matter, it's hand-painted in my mind and gorgeous. So is the strawberry all by itself.
Thank you for making my day.

Karen, you are right about the hand painted cup. On our holiday we visited many artist and musician friends, one of whom was a favourite potter - David Garland - near Oxford, and our trip back was rather overburdened with gorgeous breakables as a result. His kitchen-ware gives tea, coffee and soup an added dimension, but what are really astonishing are his larger works where pottery becomes art. Do check them out.