daily painting titled Evening by the Sea

Evening by the Sea

17cm x 13cm (6¾"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 27 February, 2009
Posted in Marine paintings


I love the way the sea blends with the sky! Beautiful scene - thank you.
I really don't like gushing, but I have to gush anyhow. I can't find another painter whose landscapes I love more. It isn't technical skill- anyone can develop that with training and patience. It's your emotional connection to the landscape, and the perfect harmony and means and ends. It's also the spot-on color and value, of course!
Correction- sorry I didn't proofread. I meant the harmony between the means and ends-in other words, between your technical skill and the emotional power of the piece.
Tempestuous nocturnal dance. Such a wonderful romantic composition, Julian! Such a sincere sighting. Amazing page setting: at first sight, two big right triangles: rocks and sea plus sky. But in the triangle of the sea, an other triangle ( holding the waves ) of which the upper extremity is slightly rounded leading our eyes towards the horizon. Two elongated rectangles above: sea and sky in the distance. Bustling rocks, roar of the sea... Giddy holes full of dark water. Brilliant painting lesson, Julian. Limpid.
The lashings and slashings of the paint brush equate the sounds of the waves hitting the rocks. Such an "audio-visual" painting. If I say "fabulous" am I gushing? Yes, but I don't mind gushing....
This scene just reinforces my belief your art extends to all fields. Can you tell me how to translate still life and portrait to landscape scenes. I struggle with it.
yes, Julian - powerful little piece. I can feel the rhythm of the sea and just LOVE the magenta on the right side and the dashes of rose in the water -