daily painting titled Cloud Study, (view from my window)

Cloud Study, (view from my window)

23cm x 18cm, oil on paper

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 29 November, 2006
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What an exquisite painting, Julian ! It's truly breathtaking. Thank you !
Linda from Ohio

Very nice!

so beautiful..you have so much warmth in your paintings..they are done with love

Why would you ever want to go anywhere else, J? Simply beautiful... Hi to Linda in OH, Di in OR. Go for it!

Wonderful painting, what kind of paper did you use?

I love the way you come into the painting, leaving some white at bottom left. It's like the silence before the orchestra plays!
Earth tones are all so wonderful.
"Cloud Study"
-an understatement.

i love the solidity of the ground and the swirling sky above...a storm brewing overhead perhaps?

I dont know how you do it.
Such great colors and balance...... Beautiful!