daily painting titled Devon coast path

Devon coast path

22cm x 13cm (approx 9"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 29 March, 2012
Posted in Marine paintings


Happy Birthday to your father, Julian, and please wish him many happy returns of the day!!! He must be very happy to see his son, his daughter-in-law, and his GRAND-SON!!! Joyce & Ernest
The aerial perspective and the illusion of depth really comes across in this little gem of a painting. I want to be on that little lane and smell the sea.
nice one julian!
Oh, it reminds me so much of my enchanting Brittany ! Delightful ! Thank you, Julian. My English stepfather turned 88 today. Happy birthday to our beloved ones and may they brighten our lives for years and years !
A beautiful piece, as usual, sir!
Tour de France or bicycles comming soon?
Oh wow...this is just fabulous! I love anything with a path or trail on it, so this really speaks to me. Wonderful sense of depth and space as well.
Hi Julian? A lovely painting. It reminds me of Stoke Fleming, where I stayed on the Devon coast in 1978. I composed a short choral piece, "Stoke Fleming," setting a poem that I wrote there. http://www.gregbartholomew.com/stokeindex.html best, Greg
85 today? Happy Birthday indeed! As usual, a brilliant painting - amazing use of space and balance.
Amazing depth...gorgeous!
This is beautiful Julian. Happy Birthday to your father.
Happy Birthday, Papa of Julian! You have created a beautiful son who has brought me so much joy and comfort through his miracle paintings. Thank you for bringing Julian into the world. Hugs and kisses to you, Karen Erickson, New York City
Wonderful painting! All the best to your father, Julian!!! Many happy returns of his special day!
I love the painting. I look forward to your inspiration for me daily. Thanks you so much. I also extend a Birthday wish to your father. Keep on doin' what you do, as if you had a choice. Love, LaWanda
Thank you to all Julian's admirers. Count me in! Hugh
The theme of the door or fence open is so symbolic: wide open on the vast spaces of collective imagination,open to the way of the truth of life.Open to humble happiness."All we need to do is to open the Door",you paint.Thank you for making that work.
Amazing painting, Julian. Please give birthday greetings to your father for me. Enjoy your visit.
Hi Julian I hope that your father is still celebrating his 85th birthday. I have really enjoyed your recent paintings that embrace the idea this everything is local. The light and colours are very different than those that depict Provence. I hope Louis is enjoying the celebrations and exploring a new space. March 30
Thank you for this lovely painting with its wonderful sense of place which you convey so beautifully!...and happy birthday to your father!
I add my well wishes to your father - I hope he is proud of you. I would join any of your fans in a stroll along this headland, then for lunch and tea at the end. Lovely.
Yes, give my best wishes to you father as well! I just turned 60 and will be flying to Paris on Sunday. Tell your dad not to slow down! (OH, LOVED today's painting!)
this reminds me of a Degas monoprint...landscapes done in Brittany perhaps?do you know them? really simple and inspiring...thank you...