daily painting titled Les Tournillaires, winter

Les Tournillaires, winter

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 2 February, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


It appears that you worked quickly to make this one. The cold has its virtues and drawbacks.
Winter has come to France it seems. Very well done. Six more weeks of winter for sure!
More snow!!!!!! I'll bet Louis is having a ball. Beautiful! Love it!! Bluish-golden lighting with slight pinkish cast!! Lovely!
This is just heart-stoppingly beautiful!!!!
The butterscotch building stands out against the white snow and pink in the sky. As there seems to be the marks of a tire, I will assume it is a road and wonder who drove on it and where s/he is going.
So serene and unalterable view. How subtly well-observed is this friendly meeting between a single blue shadow cast and twin blue tracks,which adds both geometric surfaces and emotional richness.
My niece from Florida longs to bring her children north to experience our snow, which has been almost non-existent this winter, and I long to be where you are to experience this scene you have captured so beautifully.
COOOL! Looks like Denver Colorado at his writing. I have been taking photos for a series of snow paintings. Great to see this painting. Bravo!!!! I'd do several more, if I were you. Heck! I 'm going to do them myself. Bob Ragland