daily painting titled Still life with lemons

Still life with lemons

40cm x 20cm, oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 16 February, 2014
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Exquisite. There are great tonal qualities in this painting. I especially like the lavender hues of the background, it shows the fruits off beautifully.
This price must be a mistake? $300?
Yes, sorry $1390
Julian, I've been following your work for years and enjoy them all but this one is just exquisite. The composition is superb and the colors, as always, are great. This one must have been hard to let go at any price.
OH!!! How lovely! I gasped when I saw this image. Congratulations on an inspired day. -Nora
Julian, a truly beautiful painting, one of the nicest I have seen of 'Lemons'. I believe that the purchaser of this painting to be very fortunate indeed. Much better than doing the accounts. Well done Julian.
Julian, there are so many things in this painting which are my favorite motifs. It is perfect for the last one of your 2nd millennium. I think I'll need to toast tomorrow's piece with thanks.
Ah, I figured. Anyway, beautiful piece, Julian.
Julian, Your lemons are beautiful. I feel I could touch the round roughness of them. Background colors are marvelous! Thanks for all your postcards. They delight me every day.
Absolutely perfect. One of my favorites, congratulations.
beautiful painting, wonderful space.
The color and light in the background are heavenly, and the lemons are so beautifully done!
This painting was worth the wait! I immediately went to purchase it, but it had already been spoken for. So beautiful, and I love the familiar board/table the lemons sit on - a Julian trademark.
This is absolutely beautiful Julian!! Love, love the background and how the lemons are poised in front to it! Congrats!
Exquisite!! I love everything about this painting.
Love the background color which makes the lemons just glow, and am really amazed at how you created a bit more light (halo effect?) behind the lemons (rather than a predictable shadow) - much more interesting. I also love the eye-level angle - rather than painting the lemons from slightly above eye level. Wonderful job!
Lovely sense of space in this, Julian. Very glamorous.
I love the dance of the leaves against the stillness of the lemons. The interest of the weathered paint and the background evocative of rain give the eye more to enjoy. The crisp colors and textures are a pleasure. A wonderful success. Congratulations!
When I opened your email this morning, I could smell the freshness of the lemons and felt that I could reach out and touch them. . . Keep up the GREAT work. . .
Dear Julian, it must be rather nice to paint larger at times! The lemons are always a pleasure, new every time,the perspective, texture,background and colour. This still life is so full of charm and grace and is also rather dainty,like ballerinas on stage,clustering together.Probably it was the background, the colour of worn,vintage ballet shoes that made me think of dancers.That back ground gives it a most wonderful air. The folded leaf and the twiggy little branch and fresh yellow of the lemons, all lovely. I can hear Satie on the radio,rather apt! All very uplifting on a grey, soggy day! Anna.
Breathtaking lemons. Thank you!
Okay, my family laughed at my numbers skills, but today's painting is worthy of a toast no matter what it's number. Julian, is base you often use the shelf which survived your studio fire? It always seems such a perfect complement.