daily painting titled Studio companion

Studio companion

18cm x 12cm (7"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 23 September, 2010
Posted in Paintings of cats


That's just not fair. I know that look, "you! what are you doin'? I'm going back to sleep."
Is this Princess Babu??? She is positively royal, and the colors (her own and her princely bed) are simply divine!
Oh, Julian...this so reminds me of our cat, Oscar. He was a sweetheart. Same pattern except, he had a black spot right on his chin. Great mood. Love it!
Beautiful. Wonderful contrasts in texture and value, and strong compositional contrast between the fluid forms of the cat and afghan against the geometric grid of the stretcher frames. Notable, too, for stepping outside your customary range of subjects. Also looks like a nice studio companion. (A hair in your cadmium yellow? Who, me?)
Ah yes.... The best type of companion...
lovely!! my best companion as well!
A french kitty! Lovely.
This painting is absolutely to die for - just sublime, beautiful - and who doesn't love a cat?
This reminds me of Grande Odalisque :))
Perfect! I too, once had a tuxedo cat. We named him 'Bela' as in 'Legosi'. I seriously doubt that there are more beautiful cats than these little folks in their fancy suits.