daily painting titled Diebenkorn and Egg

Diebenkorn and Egg

19cm x 11cm Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 26 May, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


I love it Julian! the paint, the color...the composition. On all levels a gift to me. Thank you.
Diebenkorn--one of my favorite painters. I like your take on this egg and surface! Thank you.
Hi Julian What is a Deibenkorn? Lovely colours but need to know what it is!
Julian, you're brilliant. I love this!!! Totally unexpected and simply gorgeous...
I silently thank you every day for these paintings. This one made me laugh...
To shorten this long story.. I went back to college, loved my art history class and wrote all my papers on Diebenkorn— and then took up painting myself.
At times with frustration, I cry, at my lack of talent and resulting frustration -but nonetheless I truly love it and now have many painter friends. Please know that we love your postcards and are inspired by your work.
Julian, Fabulous! What a coincidence, I was just at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art yesterday, looking at a Diebenkorn! Love this image and concept.
Dearest boy, just love it. I think the egg looks more abstract than the Diebenkorn. Just looking for my wallet right now, oh, oh!
Simply love Diebenkorn - one of my all-time favorite artists - an abstract artist that I totally "get" and now see that you, too, appreciate his work!
Thanks for the explanation - I will now investigate his work.