daily painting titled Route vers les Baux

Route vers les Baux

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 5 May, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


This is gorgeous. Everything is just right. It's always amazing how brushstrokes you can see, also become trees, grass and sky.
Lovely greens!
So beautiful. You have a great way of capturing a special moment. My daughter and I will be passing near by and I hope to paint similar scenes. Thanks for sharing your work! Coleen
The brushstrokes in all directions suggest a windy weather: the lives of fragile poppies are at risk: a little drama in broad daylight. The light breeze swishes through the tall grass. But the road is quiet: no cars in the distance. Only the frou-frou made by the brush on the canvas... singing with the regular sounds of the locusts.
Brush strokes and movement Summer light and poppies, the world is alive again.
So nice to see one of your landscapes again....You have a way of capturing the moment! It's as if we're standing right there!
Hi Julian , can not thank you enough for this little gem. The colours of the road are great and it is so nice to see foliage , here budding is just starting to take place. We are getting ready for another stint in hospital as my wife starts her second round of chemo. Bless you please keep the landscapes coming. Thanks Craig
Your landscapes coupe la souffle! Especially at this time of year when we all need the hope of summer! As for those strawberries! Each morning, I look forward to my Postcard from Provence... Thank you Julian, Angela
Dear Julian, a lovely, almost sketchy little gem,so green and fresh. Contrasting beautifully with the hot red of the poppies scattered in the foreground. Easy to imagine the three of you on the road! Louis on his scooter waiting for Mum and Dad to catch up! Anna.