daily painting titled Three Apricots

Three Apricots

17cm x 10.5cm (6½"x4¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 31 July, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


why is no one commenting on this? It is luscious. perhaps we are very spoiled by this time.i only wish my comments could do your work justice- you've really ennobled the humble fruits and veggies, not to mention the landscapes and portraits in a unique way. thank you, again and again !....perhaps youve asked people to stop this ranting about your work, and i have missed it ...
Hi mariah, no I don't mind people ranting, I think it's probably people are just plain commented out, but thanks for your concern!! julian
i wonder, too, why more paintings dont have lots more comments but perhaps viewers are like me and just dont bother tho i have admired these past few still lifes tremendously. thanks again and again.
I think we comment the paintings , sincerely, not mechanically; The wish for writing is more than trivial. Do you agree with me, Julian? So about this painting, I appreciate at first the rising diagonal of the fruits ,the trembling contour of the apricots and the warm transparency of them; at last the little black stalk of the second fruit, which is the axis of the picture and quickly drawing our attention. I feel a discreet shiver of life empurpling this humble " nature morte".
It's also interesting to note that close to the black stalk, there is a shiny yellow- orange spoton the right side and on the other one of the stalk, a thin line of light blue ultramarine which is its accurate complementary colour. Enjoyment for the eyes. Sometimes, it takes a long time to uncover the secrets of a work of art, but anyway it is inhexaustible...Unfathomable art. Magic.Thank you master.
alain, your comments are often a revelation too! thank you for sharing with us what you see. I find it fascinating and it brings even more life to Julian's project.
Thanks, ruth for your nice reaction.I can't wait for...to morrow!
hehe.. i was hoping alain would comment...they're wonderful- apoem about the art.thank you too.
Your art brings pleasure to my life daily. You are truly an incredible artist. I love each and every one, most especially the still lifes. You never seem to run out of wonderful ideas...........Keep them coming!