daily painting titled Jar and lemons

Jar and lemons

13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 25 February, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


I love this! Wonderful refraction of the fruit and dish through the glass bottle. And the light reflection on the bottle has so many colors and shapes - adding even more interest and movement to the composition. I bet it was fun to paint.
Divine! I did a whole series of lemons in glass bowls with reflections, but you have the lightness of brush stroke which I am hoping to learn from you in May!!
- O, why that grey eye into the vertical white highlight is sadly weeping? Is there anything I can do, pale-faced lady, to console you? Do you want that I enter the jar to dry up your tears? I should like so much to share with you your distress", Jesus said. The young lady smiled of joy, then she vanished in wonderful white Light. Angels sang in unison. Lemons turned into joyous suns and the jar, in a translucent bell ringing out, ever and ever! Jesus took wing,star filled eyes.
I love the light and reflections; they make you see the still life in a different way.
Dear Julian, a murky,dank,godawful day here in old Blighty. Looking at your painting of that elegant dish of lemons and the magical reflections on the glass jar has helped,momentarily! . Anna.
Wow! I love what you see, and how you see and how you paint these little masterpieces!
I have a different ship to if you are not using the US Mail. I am delighted! Thanks