daily painting titled Sunset through Trees

Sunset through Trees

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Friday 3 October, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


magnificant. So much beauty radiating from the "real" sun. Like a photograph of nature.
I love all of your outdoor paintings but you have really outdone yourself with this one. It's fabulous.
Wow! Your pieces are always inspiring but this one is absolutely magnificent!
The Jens are quick off the mark!! This one is breathtaking Julian, thank you
Had to comment on this one. Its REALLY nice. Love the clouds.
Okay, I just have to comment now, this is so beautiful, my very favourite time of day and you have captured it perfectly. Once again thankyou for the beauty that you share. Surely Alain this provokes a comment?
This painting is purely breathtaking-I am totally gobsmacked. Thank you for this amazing landscape.
Ahhh! So peaceful
Beautiful sunset! Can't take my eyes off it!
Thanks Julian for a gorgeous painting. I can feel the heat from that sun.
That is just gorgeous! LOVE the sun
Please please please make a print. I was outbid and I really really love this one.
This is a beauty, Julian. I thought there would be a few comments on it. Looks like you pulled out a few "lurkers" with it. Not surprised.
I would like to second the request for a print of this one, please, please, please!! The light is just wonderful.
I have received a painting a day from you for some time now and all of them have passed on a bit of Provence, you asked for s comment... for a little over 20 years Russell, my husband who died recently, and I spent two months, September and October on holiday in Bonnieux, we fell in love with all of Provence, made many friends amongst painters, potters and bee keepers, I paint similar subjects to you and Russell was the potter and beekeeper... I am the gardener, Last week my daughter brought me on a visit and we met friends in Bonnieux and Silvergues. You will now understand why I love the work you do. I look forward everyday to a new glimpse of Provence, I live in Wales on the isle of Anglesey. This is gorgeous too but not so warm as Provence.... I was born in 1920, too young to emigrate now. Thank you for the painting, Norah.
I agree that this one is something special. To capture so well this fleeting light at day's end is extraordinary. Alain - painters must be seen and poets must be heard. And it always takes courage, does it not?
peace brings art
Any chance of making a print from this one? It's so beautiful...my heart aches just looking at it. Thanks for all the light you bring across the world each day.
I also would love to have a print of this lovely work! I have one of your landscape prints in my kitchen where I can see it every day and be transported.
Julian: We always want the beauty of a sunset to never end. And now it never will! Gorgeous!
You really captured the sun coming through the trees, Julian. Beautiful!