daily painting titled Market day peonies

Market day peonies

13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 2 May, 2011
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thanks for posting the photos of your beautiful family, and the journey to bring your son home. and thanks for the peonies. i miss them, and they do not grow where i live.
Awesome work!
Beautiful brushwork. The foremost peony heart with its rich reds and delicate almost white petals is especially wonderful.
Julian- The peonies are just stunning. Those in my garden are out of the ground but a long way from blooming, and your painting captures the beauty that will soon be ours. Your son is beautiful. I am so happy for your family. Blessings on all. PBC
So lively and elegant all at the same time Julian! Love this painting with all the variations of pink. Once again congrats on your new son--his smile is beautiful!
I love everything about this, but especially the inventive composition. The pinks- intense, pale or muted- are so lovely.
Your new son's old soul and your obvious love for him have influenced this beautiful evocation of floweriness--the softness and the hint of changes to come. May your journeys together be joyous and astounding!
Julian, This is one of my favorites! I love the variation of the pinks and the lighting and composition are spectacular. Lovely! Wish I had them in my garden! Marilyn
Gorgeous....as usual. Wishing you and your family a wonderous year!
Love this painting with the beautiful brushwork and soft colors. Congratulations on your new son. He looks like a very happy little boy.
I also felt the love coming through this painting. Louis is a great gift for all of us that see your work. I just planted peonies and hope the blooms are as beautiful as these. Best wishes to your family, Mary Anne from Berkeley
What a beautiful painting. First time I've seen a close-up of flowers that you've painted and I'm overwhelmed. Thank you. Brenda Wilburn