daily painting titled Rose garlic with orange string

Rose garlic with orange string

12cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 26 February, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


I really like this painting - It looks like legs pointing to the sky and the bottoms right there !!!!
Adore these spring-y colors! Very uplifting! Cynthia
Kasia makes a perfect garlic soup I wish I could pluck this from the world of web it looks so sumptuous Beautiful xxxx
Ditto the first two comments, Julian! This is a very happy painting and since it is a white-out where I am at the moment (Wyoming) ... it is, as Cynthia said, "Uplifting" and thoughts of spring are on my mind.
Yet it still made a pretty painting!
Julian, Glad some of the string survived! So this wonderful painting could BE! The orange string really adds, to the art and love how you tied colors in the background to colors in the Garlic. very very nice indeed.!!! Tish.
Wonderful painting Julian!! Love your colors and background--so uplifting!
Very nice painting. Loved the pastel soft colors, and the subject matter. Looks so realistic. Sandy
Love this new style....sort of magical realism. And the colors. Yummy.
Julian , the garlic is lovely. Not sure if it's the color or the subject matter or the way you set it up but I love the end result. Thank you. Francine
The onion kiss. - I hereby declare that you are now one in body and united by the sacred bonds of the marriage", said the priest in the dumps. "Please, Mister, kiss the young bride now" ("good cheer !", he secretly thought within himself). Fortunately, the young man, since his childhood with his mummy before, had been always wild about the typical fragrance of female onion!
Dear Julian, if Degas had painted garlic, etc. etc. Delicious pinks, enhanced by the cheeky orange. Anna.
Was this apassage from "Dance of the Garlic," choreographed by Martha Graham? (Love it.)
YIKES! EXPLODING GARLIC. I knew the French were great with garlic receipes but I didn't know they could make it detonate. Hope they don't try that with grapes. Wonderful painting. Looked like dancers with long tutus poised and then twirling. Very nice combo of pale pink and strong orange against the beige/white. Lovely Cheers, geo
I'm really excited about this painting! One of my favorites!