daily painting titled Moonrise


19cm x 12cm (7½"x4¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 15 October, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


I find your ability to convey the light of different times of day to be sort of magician-like. How do you do that? Obviously there is nothing shining on the painting, but it seems as though the atmospheric light given off by that moon is real! I also would love to hear your thoughts on how painting 999 paintings, almost every day, has changed how you paint. I feel you paint a broader scope of subject matter, from more angles, more times of day, conveying more moods, than you did say, 18 months ago. Perhaps I'm remembering wrong. It seems to me you have furthered your own skills by painting a different subject matter every day, and by forcing yourself to complete the project in one (two?) sitting, more or less. Is that so? Obviously I have a bit too much time on my hands at work today....
Ah, another nice piece. Yes, we had a full moon yesterday. Looks like it's rolling down the hill. Great atmosphere.
Beautiful piece, Julian. I walked my dog under that same moon at 11pm last night. It was stunning. You captured the essence.
Wow, another catch my breath moment. All this and the moon, too.
We too had a very beautiful huge full moon the other night down here in Melbourne Australia. I stood and watched it, photographed it and tried to capture its beauty.It is amazing that the same moon way over in Provence has been captured so wonderfully by your beautiful, serene painting.
What a glorious moon I admire the way you have it's edges not so define and the glow of it on the land. Here in San Diego I was thinking I've never seen it so big , I'm happy we all share in it's beauty !
What a wonderful piece of the country you live on !!!!! I live on an Island in the middle of a fresh water lake. Every where is beautiful on this huge globe, when it comes to painting. .
i wonder if your beautiful moon which we are having here in florida, U.S.A. is called a "harvest moon" elsewhere in the world.
they just keep on coming, this is beautiful, that same old moon shining down on us all...hey I am getting excited only one more painting untill 1,000...are you nervous?
Oh, how beautiful. The colors at this particular time of day are so unusual, so fleeting, and you've captured them so well. I would paint this scene in a kind of pure panic, knowing that the color and light is changing every minute.
Shifting Light indeed. Beautiful, Jullian.